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About Us
Committed to stay at the forefront of the global professional and home security industry, the 19th edition of Secutech offers a complete spectrum of the latest products and solutions, highlighting 5 popular vertical solutions – Industrial, Building, Retail, Transportation, and Smart Home.
As security has stepped into a new era with evolving technologies such as IoT and Cloud, devices or systems serving for simple “security” purpose is not enough. When it comes to vertical markets, “intelligence” rules them all. Secutech 2016 highlights 5 popular verticals, featuring intelligent solutions that bring organisations higher efficiency and better management.

  • Intelligent Transportation: Intelligent Transportation is one of the key elements in a smart city. Government ought to improve its infrastructure to create an accessible transport network for citizens. This pavilion will display Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) applications, traffic flow management, intelligent parking solutions, vehicle telematics and other integrated solutions for public and private vehicles.

  • Smart Home: The SMAhome International Exhibition & Conference will be held concurrently with Secutech 2016. Gathering 200+ original manufacturers under one roof to present the latest technology with state-of-art design. Held alongside the expo are networking events, awards, and education seminars.

  • Intelligent Retail: Themed zone providing brick and mortar retailers solutions that work for more than just security purpose, but also consumer behaviour analysis. A demo store will be set up to display Electronic article surveillance (EAS), anti-theft systems, customer behavioural analysis, PoS systems and touch panels.

  • Intelligent Industrial Zone: Dedicated zone featuring latest industrial equipment and software that brings in intelligence to industrial security for higher efficiency and better management. It covers solutions for intelligent energy saving, auto management, safety measures and other integrated applications and systems.

To keep industry players ahead of the fierce competition, Secutech will present a comprehensive supply chain from key components, devices, product solutions to vertical solutions:
  • CompoSec Pavilion: gathering suppliers of R&D talents, capability in design, and flexibility

  • Product Solutions: from single device to connected devices

  • System Solutions: from one layer to multi-layers of systems

  • Vertical Solutions: from a general solution to palette solutions

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