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About Us
Service Introduction
Sourcing Company

We are an Taiwanese run sourcing company based in Taiwan and China. We help our clients find high quality products in China for reasonable prices. We handle the entire process, from identifying qualified suppliers to delivering the product to your door.
Most companies make one of two mistakes when purchasing products. Some buy directly from local distributors. This is a good way to ensure quality, but it is usually more expensive than outsourcing. Others source directly from suppliers in China and other countries without the help of a sourcing company. This is a good way to reduce price, but it is very difficult to ensure quality from the other side of the world.
Our sourcing company bridges the gap. We have a team of Chinese researchers that identify and contact suppliers much more effectively than you could.
Let us show just how effective we are by requesting a free price quote.
How our Sourcing Company Works
We help companies of all sizes buy products directly from manufacturers in China, the “source” of where most products are made today. The goal is to reduce costs and to gain more control over the production of your products.
We Make Sourcing Products Easy
We are an international sourcing company based in Taiwan, with an office in Dong Guang, China. We have our operations in China, because this is where the majority of products come from, although we are able to source from other countries as well. Our office in DongGuang is in one of China’s main production areas, making it easy for us to meet face to face with suppliers. Our office in Taiwan is located in Taipei, but we also have a spot in Spain and USA, since we have our staff doing business visiting every three months, and also for important meeting with clients.
How Sourcing Products Works
Sourcing products in China and throughout the world is much simpler and inexpensive than you may know. The whole process, from first contact to product at your door, usually is completed within 10 weeks. We assist you in finding quality suppliers at no cost and we only charge you when you make a purchase. Our clients typically reduce their products costs by 50%.
Here’s how our sourcing company works:
  1. Email us a thorough explanation of the product you want to source , along with pictures if at all possible, or alternatively you can mail us a product sample
  2. We get to work for you identifying a long list of potential suppliers by scanning our online database and working with local partners.
  3. We then request product samples from the list of suppliers and then narrow the list of suppliers based on quality and product price.
  4. We mail you the product samples from the top ranked suppliers.
  5. Only after you are completely satisfied with the product, we help you negotiate a deal by meeting face to face with suppliers and then oversee the shipping process.
  6. If you want, you can come to China and we can also take you on a supplier tour (email for more information).
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