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Smart City
Smart Building  

Expanding our catalog of solutions in the field of Smart Building we present our solution focused in the residential buildings, allowing integrated and automated management and control with the aim of safety, usability and accessibility.

Our system begins from a simple idea but revolutionary at the same time, because we want everyone never miss anything happening on the residence place, we connect your building to your phone for you stay on at any event or always know who want to visit you at any time.

Everything can be managed and regulated by parameters that we have previously decided and more and more functions and features will be added as we are continuously developing and working to innovate.

In the area of access control we bet on a wireless system which we will connect directly to the users smartphone, allowing them to open the building door from everywhere remotely in case they need to, if we don’t answer the call from the outdoor panel it will record a video file with the message of the visitor and will be totally accessible from the smartphone APP to check at any moment.

As one of our goals is to make your residence area a place where you don’t need to worry when you are not there, optionally we offer the complete monitoring CCTV system which you always can control through our app in your phone. For the Energy Efficiency area we are very concern about the importance in the daily lives of every user, and as an option as well, we can monitor and manage all the building energy consumption, detect any problem and generate an alarm for notifies it and take care of quickly to avoid mayor damages, all of this thanks to our device LB40 for electric board control.

In a more accurate electric control situation we can include the lighting control for the common areas of the building by our device LC40, which can configured to follow any schedule to open and close the lights depending the area to manage, and also open and close the lighting of any area by the presence of people in there for more functionality. All of this is possible thanks to the integration of our CLOUD to the building and that allows every device can connect to it automatically and will be always accessible for a remote operation.

With our implementation of this system for every residence we include 2 user accounts to connect to our CLOUD and connect with the APP, in case by user request is needed more account in a residence it will be personally negotiate the conditions with the user for have access to more accounts.

As a conclusion remark the flexibility that we have in our system because we got that your building becomes totally adaptable for implement the continuous changes in technology and also add every function wished by the final users.

Board Control
Best suitable for: zones where lights will be controlled on groups, each group will have the same behaviour.
Typical installation: 20 light points. Very cost effective.
Standard control
Best suitable for: zones where each light will be controlled individually
Smart control
Best suitable for: individual control of every light and sensor based actuation. Smart behaviour depending on available light level, people traffic and energy saving.
Board Control
Control of air conditioning machines from anywhere.
Behaviour of the clima machines can be stablished according to target temperature or humidity conditions.
E3tcity clima controler can be installed between the manual controller and the air conditioning unit.
Sensor monitoring
E3TCity System can integrate a huge number of sensors from many different manufacturers in order to upload more and more information to the cloud. The smartness of the system increases with the addition of different types of sensors. Each sensor in each controller can trigger actions in any other controller or group of controllers.
E3T LIGHT : LC40  
  E3TLight system allows remote control and monitoring of any new or existing streetlight network. LC40 line is the easiest element for controlling and monitoring light points.
It can switch on/off and dim lightning while it measures power consumption. Its connection to E3TGlobal is via WiFi.
E3T LIGHT : LS40  
  E3TLight system allows remote control and monitoring of any new or existing streetlight network. With this device in its different configurations we can control on/off switching, dimming, power consumption measuring, air quality measuring, pollution, noise level, temperature, humidity…
The connection to E3TGlobal Cloud is WiFi.
E3T LIGHT : LB40  
  Intelligent Remote Control for Street Lighting LB40 e3TLight system allows remote control and monitoring of any new or existing streetlight network. This control is achieved by installing one e3TLight device just before the lights section we want to command. With one unique device we can master from one point of light to whole streets.
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