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The smart energy monitoring solution measures electrical parameters on any low-voltage electrical panel. The device includes a single-phase network analyzer (reading a three-phase network analyzer is possible through the MODBUS port). A built-in wireless communication module facilitates record transmission to the CLOUD energy monitoring and control system and to user applications, from which events and associated alarms can be activated and deactivated.

For example, measurements of active and reactive power, current, voltage, power factor, on/off counter, and accumulated consumptions are obtained real time and instantly sent to the CLOUD platform so that alerts and associated alarms can be set.

Remote control is possible for functions such as resetting, on/off, single-phase regulation, relay or external contactor activation, open door and temperature detection on electrical panel, and other elements on panels with a MODBUS port.


The smart cable-theft monitoring solution facilitates real-time alerting when cables are stolen, regardless of whether this crime occurs during the day or at night. The solution consists of an electrical-board controller and at least 3 cable-theft monitoring devices distributed over the existing power line, no matter how long the branch or the number of connected elements.

A wireless communications module keeps each of the devices permanently monitored via the CLOUD cable-theft control platform.

The line-control devices behave like IoT sensors, ensuring permanent connection between themselves and the CLOUD theft-monitoring platform. In case of connection failure with of any of them, the CLOUD cable-theft platform triggers an algorithm to identify whether it is a fault or sabotage, activating real-time notifications and alarms. The line does not need to be parametrized in electrical terms (consumption, impedance…).

Remote control is possible for the electrical board, reading of three-phase network analyzer, resetting, open-panel detection, and sensor/relay management.


The main technical features of the electrical board-controller are:

  • DIN rail mounting. DIN6 size. 230VAC power supply.
  • Internal single-phase network analyzer.
  • Reading of three-phase network analyzer via MODBUS port.
  • 6 configurable analog/digital sensor inputs and 6 relay control outputs.
  • Auxiliary battery input.

The main technical features of the line controller are:

  • IP65 waterproof rating.
  • Power supply 230VAC, and between 5 and 24VDC.

Common features:

  • The device is connected directly to the cloud without intermediate points via Wi-Fi, GPRS or LTE-NB; M2M device connectivity are included.
  • TCP/IP protocol in communications between entry/exit control and CLOUD cable-theft monitoring platform to ensure security and compatibility.
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